Sunday, August 5, 2007

Altered photos for an altered book and quilt tops!

I did another altered book spread for my "Color me silly" group...The theme was altered photos and the color preferred is orange. This was pretty fun to do, but I had to think about it a lot before I started. I used a picture of an orange tulip in my garden in full bloom and then a picture of Andrew, my grandson, from the same time frame and called it "in a child's eyes." I like the picture of him a lot. He is looking out the window at a flower and the light and shadow are playing across his face. On the tulip side, I used two of my fabric charms. I thought they added a nice touch. Things have been crazy around here! I am working more and I now have my daughter, (who is doing great by the way...) Daniel, Olivia age 6 and Andrew, 18 months here....It has been fun, just challenging...and boy, do they eat. It seems like I am either feeding them, or doing dishes and it is nonstop! Andrew is the most work but he is so darn cute that I don't mind. He is my little shadow. I had to clean the sliding doors today, his hands are all over them. You could tell how tall he is by the handprints. I know how fast they grow up though, so I am just enjoying the moment........and finally, the debut of my One block Wonder quilt....I have talked about it a lot and I put it on a piece of fabric today to get the layout right. Now I have to sew the rows together, fill in a few more spots and then do borders...So far, the way you see it it is about a queen. There are a 135 blocks in what you see and more to come. I also have three dimensional cubes to put on the border. This is by far the hardest and most intricate quilt I have ever done. For one thing, I hate to pin anything and that is all you do! Pins, pins and more pins...It has been a lesson in patience but the kaleidoscope effect is stunning. Mine is the green and orange, blue and pink and my friend Laura's is the black with orange , brown and green. She made hers from one Asian fabric...Ok, all you artists! We need feedback...Does anything stick out...How is the blend? Let me know what you think before we start sewing these babies together!!!!!!!


Helen in the UK said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing well, even if they are running you ragged!!
Love the one block wonder quilts. The only comment I would make is about the block of pale greens on the left of your layout. They are quite different to the other blocks and I would be inclined to split them into 2 seperate areas to give more balance, maybe one each side.
Please feel free to ignore me, but you did ask for comments :)

purplepaint said...

Melinda - I am in awe of your kaleidascope quilt. I don't think I would even attempt one! It's gorgeous but so intricate! I can only imagine the time this took! I just started putting together my 2nd watercolor quilt project last night and that was driving me crazy! I definitely could not do one of these. I love your pages! Very nice. Marva

amy said...

I love the altered book that you are working on! And the quilt looks divine and I will just be in awe of it rather than even think I could ever get to the point of creating something as time consuming and artistic. :)

Penny said...

Melinda, beautiful work as always! Love the panel (second one from the top), looks like Alaskan snowflakes! So soft, so beautiful! The book pages are gorgeous!

Debby Harriettha said...

Melinda your book pages are over the top gorgeous. WOW!!!