Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What you can do with an old suitcase.

Being the Pinterest addict I am, I am on it a lot. I love seeing the DIY section. I saw a pin where someone was making pet beds out of hard sided suitcases. I decided I wanted to make Thomas and Bobbins (my cats) a bunk bed using a suitcase. I found two with no problem. I got them for 2.00 a piece at a yard sale. I have seen even more since. Taylor is going home on Friday and since she has been here she has accumulated a lot of stuff. I knew her two little carry-ons weren't going to hold everything so I started thinking I wood find her a suitcase. Then I remembered I have two of them. In the garage. Gathering dust. Ok back on Pinterest. Can you redo a suitcase to use? You bet you can. This is the ugly old thing I started with. Fortunately though ugly it is sturdy. I remember using an open Samsonite as a kid with my sister to jump in. Like a trampoline. The inside was in pretty good shape except for the top half so I took out the vinyl and used it for a pattern. I save the trim and used it after I recovered the top. I put in a little lavender sprig to make it smell pretty. I taped off all the metal parts and spray painted it a soft lilac color. Then I just used Mod Podge and fabric and covered the front and back. I used two different fabrics just because I could. I put a vintage "Aloha" postcard on it and a tag that says "Always on my mind, Forever in my heart." I always tell Taylor Aloha, not goodbye. Unfortunately Taylor won't be able to come and stay anymore. I told her I will always be here and when she is an adult and makes her own decisions, we will pick up where we left off. Her mom has verbally attacked me three times so far due to her mental illness. This last time she sent the cops who promptly left after a hearty apology. They say "no good deed goes unpunished." Sadly that has been the case. I love her and I made sure she had a good summer with fun and love and family and that is all I can do. That and hope I made some kind of difference in her future life. On the other side I did another purple fabric but it is softer. Almost Shabby Chic. I did a "T" monogram because she says she can never find anything with her name or initial. I love how it turned out and the hardest part was probably just taping it off. After Olivia saw it she promptly brought in the other suitcase and gave me a meaningful look. I also made a wreath out of moss and burlap and some natural floral things that I found at a yard sale. The whole thing cost me a 1.00. It is in my entry way and I like it a lot. It has been a trying week! I have pneumonia and my heart is feeling trampled on and crushed. I still would do it all over again for Taylor though. I am just sad that I have to say "Aloha". xoxoxoxo melinda


Needled Mom said...

What a great remake!!! Love it. I am sorry to hear about Taylor's situation. Bummer!

Maria said...

I know you would do something special with the old suitcase.
What a shame Taylor is unable to visit anymore but she will always have fabulous memories when she needs to feel good.
She will visit again whensheastie has grown up...

Jenny said...

Oh no!

Not pneumonia!

Gosh, girl.

I'm glad you have these lovely things to distract you, but still.

Rest up!

Take lots of supplements.

Drink lots of water.

Be kind to you!

Hugs and healing.

Jenny said...

Sending a prayer of comfort and peace to sweet Taylor, too.

Jo said...

oh, my heart aches for you ... such a sad situation.

your remakes are fabulous! those suitcases are divine!

Laurie said...

The suitcase turned out incredible Melinda, I need to do this for my nieces who spend the night, so they have something besides a plastic bag! I'm so sorry about Taylor, don't be surprised though if things change and she's allowed to come back. I have a niece by marriage who was forbidden to see me after I reported the abuse that she received at home. she was taken away from her mom, and went into the system. I was devastated, since she spent most of her life at our home. The day she was allowed to contact me, five years later, she did. she's now in my life again, and never forgot the special life she had with me. I'll guarantee you that Taylor will be back with you again. Hopefully, sooner than later.

jillytacy said...

I love the altered suitcase. I had the same idea this summer though I altered a train case. I finished the outside so now I just have to finish off the inside.
Sorry to hear about Taylor leaving. It's great that you were able to be there for her this summer.

Little Messy Missy said...


Yarni Gras! said...

sweet Melinda, I am so sorry Taylor won't be visiting any longer. Please know you made a wonderful change in that girl's life. She will stay in touch, I'm sure of it.
I love the suitcase and wreath!

Jen xo said...

such a shame about Taylor but she will know you love her and treasure the time spent with you...great suitcase revamp :)