Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines DaY!!

I finished my tablerunner and my wreath just in time for the big day of hearts.....

Here is the wreath...

It is a big one and it cost under four dollars to make.

1.00 a yard fabric
1/2 yard pink print
1/2 yard red print
1/2 yard each pink and red tulle
1 dollar store styrofoam wreath
dollar store package of pink hearts with ribbon hangers.

I had fabric to wrap around the wreath
elmers glue
short ball headed pins

cut strips with a pinking blade on your rotary cutter
gather at the bottom to make a little flower shape.
dip pin in elmers glue
pin the fabric to the wreath

pin hearts to the finished wreath the same way...tada you are done.

I also got this cute Valentines postcard from Effie.

this vintage valentine from Deb with a little vintage hankie tucked in....It is the sweetest thing ever.

Last of all, the finished table runner...I love the fabrics and how they came together and I love the velvet trim on the ends....

Hope your day was sweet....xoxoxox melinda


Miss 376 said...

The wreath has turned out really well, very pretty. Can't wait to see what you do for next month

Jenxo said...

so glad you had a lovely Valentines day Melinda, loving that frothy wreath !

Maria said...

Sew you did have a lovely Valentine's Day Melinda, I am pleased you did.
Your table runner and wreath a great.

Jenny said...

I love the wreath! You are so good at everything, girl!

jillytacy said...

Happy Valentine's Day! The table runner and wreath are marvelous! Very pretty!

Julie Harward said...

That is a darling wreath, love it! I made one of those white coffee filter wreaths for my front door which is red. You have so many blogs, wasn't sure which one to come to. Come say hi more often! :D