Friday, December 7, 2007

I hate sewing fake fur!!!!!!

Stacie wanted a fake fur coat for Christmas so I decided to jump on this one, Miss talented sewer that I am! Wrong! This was a giant pain in my bazooka I am telling you! I knew it stretched, but I did not know that it GROWS and turns into the big brown fur blob...I also cut the sleeves off too short which resulted in the different colored fur cuffs but I think that was a happy accident. I would say I am furred' out, but now Olivia wants one. The good news is, I learned a lot from my mistakes and the next one will probably have a whole new set of mistakes...Things are pretty quiet around here...Mainly because Daniel, my eight year old grandson has had a sore throat! Haha! I asked him how he was today and he said " a little good." Why a little good? Well, cause it's better than saying a lot bad..Mr optimism himself. I am also posting a picture of a couple of ornament Atc's for a swap on one of my groups...I think they look like little shopping bags. Well, guess that is all from Melinda's house of chaos tonight! HO_HO_HO!


Helen in the UK said...

You may hate sewing the fake fur, but looks like you've made a great coat!! I think the contrast cuffs are the perfect designer touch. No wonder Olivia wants one too :)

magicalmuse said...

Looks amazing! I am impressed you tackled a coat and succeeded even if it was a bit of a pain. Love the ornaments too. I haven't made too many holiday things this year but it's fun seeing other people's things.